IQ- Smart Boards

-Built-In Stereo Speakers
-Ambient Light Sensors
-Write/Erase Whiteboard Functionality
-Remote Collaboration Cloud conferencing
-Android Smartboard, Windows, Duel OS capable.
-Screen Size: 65″, 75″, 86″

Every minute of class is an opportunity for interactive learning. IQ-Smart Boards give schools and boardrooms alike the tools needed to seize those opportunities. Multi-platform OS, multi-device mirroring and smart pen compatibility along with interactive multi-touch will keep students engaged and learning.



Processor: Intel Core
RAM: 4GB, 6GB, 8GB
ROM: 64BG, 128BG

Ultra thin plug-in modular OPS designed for quick maintenance and system upgrades. Optimized to power your smartboard for a crystal clear 4K display and smooth writing experience. Connectivity is key to the IQ-OPS which supports built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to ensure users of multiple devices can reflect and utilize the Smartboard features.



-Electronic Raise and Lower
-Android Smartboard, Windows, Duel OS capable
-4K UHD swift speed 10-point multi-touch screen
-Screen Size: 43′, 65″

In todays digital world, it is more important then ever to find new and creative ways to engage a very high tech student body. The IQ SmartTable raises and lowers to the desired height and functions as an interactive learning surface. On the IQ SmartTable kids can paint, write, draw and watch learning materials.


IQ-Smart Pen

-Remote Control
-Single receiver, duel system response
-2.4G wireless transmission for responsive writing and controlling
-Remote Power Point Slide advancement turning



-4K Ultra HD for crystal clear on screen image
-Auto Focus
-Ultra wide angle ensuring full classroom view
-Smart Noise and ambientĀ  low light adjustment make the E3ClassCam perfect for any classroom.


IQ- Speakerphone

-Omnidirectional microphone and speakers
-DSP processing technology
-Mic direction isolation



-Touch and non-touch available
-Super Bright and clear display
-Multicast Content
-Stereo Speakers
Perfect for digital signage or parent check-in. The possibilities are endless with this IQ- Kiosk.


IQ-Monitor Stand

-VESA Compliant
-Adjustable for all Smart Monitors up to 98″
-Rounded corners for wall and entryway protection