Maestro E-Book

Processor: Intel Celeron 3450

Screen Size: 11.6″, 14.1″
Connectivity: 4G LTE / WIFI or WIFI Only

Designed for education, the E-Book and E-Book XL are fantastic entry level laptops for student needing a light duty device at a great price. The E-Book  has been certified with every major US cellular carrier. Evolve III has worked with Microsoft to ensure schools the option to offer students at home connected devices that are protected and locked down for safe internet usage. Gone are the days of lost MiFi devices, finally an all-in-one connected solution that looks and performs great.

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Maestro Q-Book

Processor: Qualcomm SD 850

Screen Size: 12.1

For college and high school students, the Q-Book offers style and elegance with a full metal case and chasse. Never has durability looked so good. The Q-Book performance and 4G LTE connectivity make this the most powerful, most well connected laptop in its class.

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Maestro E-Tab

Processor: Qualcomm 7C

Screen Size: 10.1
Coming Q1 2021

Lets be honest, the only group harder on electronic than the military are elementary school students. When it comes to tablet durability, The Maestro E-Tab is the best. Completely kid proof, fast and cost effective, this device will bring learning to students and peace of mind to teachers, parents and students alike.

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