• This phase is where it all begins. Whether customizing or innovating our first step is to gather requirements. We go beyond seeking to understand the device requirements we also seek to understand your business and the use case for the device in particular.

  • Once we understand the customizations we work to quickly get a proof of concept out to you for testing and final sign off

  • Once a P.O is received and deposits are paid, we start to gather components, prepare for assembly, and map out a delivery timeline.

  • The next step is to book floor time for assembly with the ODM. Evolve works with top ODMs vetted for ethical labor and quality.

  • In the event that an order needs rushing or is substantial in volume, Evolve III secured overflow factories around the world to handle any circumstance including when out of China manufacturing is a requirement.

  • From PTCRB to FCC, our certiafication team is proficient in securing the certification you need.

  • As Product rolls off the assembly line, it passes through a third party inspection to ensure low DOAs and warranty claims.

  • Lastly we work with nimble and responsive global shipping partners that help us keep you informed on the status of delivery and ensure import procedures are followed preventing delays.

Evolve III provides a unique service to businesses in need of partially customized solutions. We work to engineer changes to our product for customers in need of specific product requirements . This service is reserved for customers interested in a partnership with Evolve III. This partnership helps ensure customers have a say in the solutions they wish to purchase instead of having to sift through existing consumer products and conforming to what’s available.

Whether its Android or Microsoft Windows devices, we can build to your specifications. Customization depends on the IP being customized and the volumes required

Customized options:

  • On-board /Expandable memory
  • Drives
  • Displays
  • Touch screens
  • Front & rear cameras
  • Connectivity
  • Ports and power options
  • Processors

In addition, special certifications are also available such as:

  • MIL
  • FCC
  • GSA
  • GSM
  • TAA
  • ..and many more

Finally,  accessories:

  • Keyboards
  • Bumper cases
  • Docks
  • Digitized pens.
  • …and many more

All Evolve III products undergo extensive quality control and are backed with a 1 year limited warranty.  Evolve III MOQs on all customized products are among the lowest you’ll find.