Genius PC Stick

…..computer in your pocket

EVOLVE III genius pc stick

A full PC experience in a tiny device

Evolve III Genius PC Stick is an incredibly small device that turns your TV or monitor into a big screen PC by simply plugging it into a HDMI port. Providing a full Windows 10 PC experience with versatile application ranging from home media player,  All-in-One desktop PC, digital signage and kiosk application. Weighing in at 46 grams it easily migrates to a new display without investing in additional hardware. 

Boasting a powerful Intel Quad Core Processor with 2GB DDR3L memory and 32GB onboard storage whilst further enhancing the experience with expandable flash storage utilising the Micro SD card slot. Housing an HDMI port, micro USB 2.0, WiFi and bluetooth functionality - this stick has it all!


home use

Use with TV, Monitor or Touch Screen.

Turns your TV into a desktop computer, serves as a full HD Media Player or use to share smartphone or tablet content on a big screen.




Classroom PCs/Computer Labs /Library systems. 

An ultra-portable, ultra-light and ultra-low cost solution for classrooms, labs and libraries. Students can finish their daily assignments at school and access them later by taking the Evolve III Genius PC stick home. Data can be uploaded to the cloud with ease.

office use

Use with TV, Monitor or Projector

An ultra-portable solution for office workers or travellers to extend the workspace to external meetings, hotels or the home. An office workspace in your pocket.


Kiosk & digital signage

Hospital, Hotel, Airport, Retail, Transportation.

With its ultra-compact design, ultra-low power, and fan-less form factor, the Genius PC Stick is the most cost effective & simple solution for Kiosk, Digital Signage and many other vertical applications