EVOLVE III – Primal Jewel 10.1”: Dual Boot System

We’re pioneering tablet customisation & innovation with dual boot systems

Offering the unique Dual Boot system, boasting not one but two operating systems including Microsoft 10 and Android tablet systems, the dual boot system is driven by the Intel Quad Core processor – giving our users the best of both worlds.

Costing about 30% less that purchasing two tablets, the Primal Jewel 10.1” provides access to millions of apps available on the Google Play store and the speed and functionality of an Intel Quad Core Windows 10 operating system with keyboard and pen as standard!

Evolve III’s products are sold around the world in key retailers such as Wal-Mart, Amazon,Best Buy and newegg.com, some of the most innovative organisations in the world are embracing the dual boot system evolution while single boot system users are stuck in the past. 

Quad Core Innovation


Powered by the latest quad-core Intel® processors as well as the M-Core Skylake processor, with outstanding day-to-day performance, the Primal Jewel 10.1” multitasks seamlessly and offers multiple ports for endless connectivity and a fast and fluid Windows 10 and Android experience.

Dual Boot


Taking the Windows 10 and Android experience and combining them in one user-friendly device offers you a world of options at your fingertips. With access to the Windows suite and the power of an Intel core processor, while accessing millions of apps and widgets from the Google Play store, the Primal Jewel 10.1” dual boot system is a trailblazer in the global market.

Windows 10 Tablets


With onboard memory ranging from 16GB to 64GB all tablets plus mini SD slots extending memory up to 128GB the dual boot system is an affordable technology solution for the private and public sector. In addition, the Primal Jewel 10.1 dual boot system offers an innovative keyboard and pen as standard, saving up to $500 when compared to competitor products.

Why do one, when you can have it all with the Primal Jewel 10.1 dual boot system