Evolve III’s mission is to develop evolutionary electronic devices for the private and public sector using customised hardware, providing the ultimate user experience for our customers. 

Using our partnerships with the world largest technology distributor Synnex Corporate, our purpose is to deliver market-driven technology products through the use of innovative and cost-effective technology.

Evolve III offer a range of unique technology devices including tablet computers including android tablets, windows tablets and dual boot tablets, ultra books, All-In-One desktop PCs (AIO), PC Sticks and accessories. 


Evolve III are a Sydney-based company that’s pioneering innovative tablet customisation with dual and triple boot systems to provide the ultimate user experience for our customers around the globe.

As an Australian IT company, we’re proud to be a distribution partner with the Synnex Corporation - the world’s largest technology distributor. With their unmatched distribution power and customer insights, the Evolve III and Synnex partnership allows us to take our customer’s technology requirements to the next level.

We manage manufacturing units in six countries across the globe including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the USA and are the only Australian computer hardware company to hold contracts with the USA government and agencies such as NASA SEWP V.

We’re proud to service the needs of governments, militaries, education and corporations around the world. Evolve III are renewed for reliability, flexibility, customer service and user driven design – ensuring our customers are getting more than they bargained for.

Evolve III are proudly working with our customers and partners around the world, to solve the problems that most people don’t even know they have yet!  As Australia’s only an ODM/ OEM, Evolve III works in partnership with Microsoft and is a licensee for Windows operating systems.

If you’re a business in the public or private section and looking for a partner to help develop evolutionary devices for every facet of life, Evolve III are your technology partner of choice.